About Us

Jos Von Arx literally means Jos of Arx, A village on the Swiss Italian border. A family name which signifies our European heritage. Our founder spent many years travelling through Switzerland and Italy where he developed a passion for watchmaking and an expertise in leather craftsmanship.

He later used this knowledge working in both the leather goods and Swiss watch industry before founding our own company in the far east 25 years ago. This company later went on to become one of the biggest watch designers and manufacturers in Hong Kong and went on to birth our brand Jos Von Arx. in the year 1995 the Jos Von Arx brand was first registered in Europe.

Following on from this success Jos Von Arx is now a second generation family business with its head office on the United Kingdom.

We are proud to still remain true to our European roots by sourcing major components from Switzerland and Italy. Combining this with our expertise in manufacturing in the far east , Jos Von Arx today represents the perfect union between East and West providing the best quality accessories at fair accessible prices.