Beginners Guide: Putting Pen to Paper

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It is deeply satisfying putting pen to paper in an age where electronic communication envelopes our lives, the hum of a hard disk, the bright LCD screen the frequent buzzing of notifications. I’m sure you can relate to the constant engagement we find ourselves in day to day. Few people take the time to pick up a pen and put their thoughts on paper. Texts and private messages on social media are quick, convenient and often gets an immediate response, which is ideal for organizing gatherings or finding out how old your nephew will be on his birthday.

Stop for a minute and ask yourself when the last time you received a handwritten letter, a personal note in a birthday card? My aunty always writes a message taking up every bit of free space in birthday and Christmas cards.

The forgotten postcard! I couldn’t say when the last time I even noticed postcards for sale, a colleague brought this to my attention after we received a postcard in the office from a customer with a query. This really stumped me, no one ever sends a postcard. It used to be great receiving a postcard from the grandparents on their trip to Spain or from a friend you made at a holiday park.

It's time to bring back the handwritten word, even as I write this post with my Jos Von Arx ball pen my thoughts flow and tension eases. Bringing pen to paper gives us the chance to unplug from the technological society, albeit for a short time. Inevitable the note pad will be scored through and scribbled on as I make some edits before I type it up.

Don't get me wrong I as plugged into as many different platforms as the next person, when push comes to shove and I have something heartfelt to say, need to clear my head or simply want to pick up my pen. I unplug from the distractions, for a while, and see what direction I'm taken in.

My top tip in this endeavor would be to unplug for 5 minutes which may well become 35 minutes, jotte down whatever comes to mind. Thoughts on your week, a recent movie, a profound conversation, or thoughts on the coming work week. Even if you just want to have a rant I find there is more fulfilling method than to scrawl on a piece of paper and put it in the shredder. It always brings a new perspective and clarity allowing peace of mind and focus for the present.

To get us started we need to pick an instrument for the adventure ahead. To make the decision straight forward all Jos Von Arx Ballpoint and Rollerball pens are fitted with a cartridge made in Switzerland, comprising of swiss Ink and a german engineered ball for a seamless writing experience. The pens themselves come in a variety of styles but all are moulded from solid brass for balance and comfort.

We design and manufacture a vast array of writing instruments giving great choice of design style and feel. Our favourites list comprises of the following pen sets.

  • WR06 Blue - A fine and elegant writing instrument, this diary pen is slim by design with a blue lacquered enamel finish and IP silver colour plating and stainless steel clip
  • WR08 - A bold pen for a confident hand, cross hatch design finished with black acrylic barrel with IP silver-plated accent and stainless steel clip
  • WR16 - This diary pen is expertly crafted using CNC cutting techniques for a flawless spiral design and textured feel.
  • WR48 - The black matt finish and precision cut ring style makes for sleek modern design with the comfort expected of a Jos Von Arx writing instrument.
  • WR55 - Brand new design for this season, striking blue lacquered enamel finish or solid brass barrel with contrasting orange band and silver coloured IP plating finish.

Other pens in the range: our Ballpoint stylus pen for combined use with tablets and touch screens, fountain pens with iridium nibs, look out for matching designs if you are looking to complete the set of all three writing instruments and executive Ballpoint WR10

The above-mentioned pen sets come as standard with a Ballpoint and Rollerball pen in a leatherette box, our fountain pens, and Exec WR10 come in an elegantly finished wooden display box.

Use code ‘PENSTYLE’ for 20% OFF your Jos Von Arx writing instrument until 15th August.

For our next blog, we will explore our fountain pens in more depth as well as tips for improving your handwriting.

We put the challenge to you! Pick up your Jos Von Arx writing instrument and see what adventure your thoughts take you on.