Top JVA picks' for Fathers Day

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I want to start this blog series with a simple and comprehensive introduction to Jos Von Arx and the products that we bring to the market on behalf of gentlemen everywhere. JVA was conceived over 25 years ago to provide luxury gents products made with the finest most robust materials at affordable prices for the everyday gent. Our brand hosts a vast array of writing instruments, cufflinks, italian leather accessories to cater for your style and for any occasion. With that in mind I have selected eight products to lead the charge, giving each of us an opportunity to bring our individualism to life.

EX46 - Executive Gift Set

This set makes my top eight list for its striking simplicity, solid brass cufflinks with vacuum plated silver colour for durability and weight. Being plain finish allows for laser engraving for that special someone. Complimenting this set is one of our most sought after writing instruments. As with all our pens this is a brass barrel for weight and substance with a lacquered finish and plain stylish cap. Making this set simple, elegant and the perfect accessory.

SE48 - Select Gift Set

Part of our select gift range, this elegant set is new to the JVA collection. A beautiful example of our latest RFID blocking wallets, maintaining the strict production standards and using the finest italian leather combining tried and tested radio frequency blocking technology for the peace of mind only JVA can provide. This wallet contains a coin pouch, 4 card compartments and 2 compartments for notes. Matching this exceptional wallet comes a strikingly designed ball point writing instrument, with a sleek exterior emphasis its high quality swiss ink and german nib for the precision we all deserve.

WR48 - Writing Instruments gift Set

This writing instrument is one of my personal favourites. The ball and roller pen set gives the user a real sense of purpose when putting my thoughts on paper, if batman used a pen this would be his pen of choice.

Combining the sleek matt finish weight and reliability we have come to love and puts this precision instrument in a league of its own.

FL06 - 6Oz Hip Flask

A traditional accessory as old as time for the modern gentleman. This stylish hip flask made from stainless steel wrapped in a grain finish itallian leather wrap. The stainless steel plaque for laser engraving the monogram of the gentleman in your life.

GL03 - One for the golfers among us, practical and stylish design all in one. Genuine Italian leather ball holder containing 3 practice golf balls, JVA wooden tees and a ball marker. The fine and elegant ball pen to score the perfect round for that special touch add your mark to the matching JVA cufflinks, a thoughtful gift that will be well received by any golf enthusiast and won’t find its way to the back of the club locker.

RFIL107 - RFID Blocking Card Wallet

While our new range of RFID cardholders are worth a mention for their brilliant designs and RFID blocking qualities holding 4 to 6 cards and a centre compartment for notes with excellent quality and design. However the RFIL107 is the icing on the cake in this range not only with 8 card compartments and a centre compartment for notes it also sport 2 additional side compartments making this wallet my go to choice.

LX16 - Luxury Gift Set

Enter the prestige of the luxury LX16 gift set, like all our LX sets centered around a classic design Japanesse movement timepiece with genuine italian leather strap. This watch has a stainless steel case with white face and black strap, an elegant choice for any look. Matching this watch is a simple and robust writing instrument finished in black lacquer with silver highlights. Rather than going for heavily designed cufflinks, to complete this classic set we added a JVA must-have item. These simple and elegant oval cufflinks are the perfect finisher to make this set one that any gentleman will treasure.

SC18 - Sterling Silver Cufflink

Normally for a selection such as this I wouldn’t finish with a cufflink set, These however are no meare pair of cufflinks. Made from 925 Sterling Silver and individually hallmarked for authenticity this is our most unique and bold design for every warrior gentleman, the coat of arms emblem shape is eye catching and projects an air of valour. With all JVA products its the small, sometimes unseen details that make the difference and the figure 8 link design is no exception giving the wearer a subtle confidence and sense of individualism we all strive for.

From our very earliest tried and tested designs to the latest lines showcasing innovative technology and production techniques each product has a classic look that stands the test of time. Whether you are adding to your own accessory collection or looking for a gift for the gentleman in your life we have the accessories for you.

What Jos Von Arx accessory will be your top pick?